Lonza Press Release - 08/26/2002

In executing its strategy to focus an the development and marketing of Specialty Biocides for the NU Wood Protection and Personal Care Markets, Lonza Inc. is pleased to announce the conclusion of an agreement with Intelligent Biocides L.L.C., whereby Lonza has licensed, an an exclusive basis, the distribution rights of Surfacine® Technology from Intelligent Biocides in its focus areas.

Surfacine® is a new persistent antimicrobial agent that may be used an animate or inanimate surfaces. lt incorporates a water-insoluble antimicrobial compound (silver iodide) in a polylmeric biguanide matrix. It provides sustained antimicrobial action (even after rinsing/washing), has an excellent safety profile, provides broad spectrum antimicrobial efficacy and is cost effective. Surfacine® Kills microorganisms an contact with a surface and does not elute or leach into solution.

This agreement matches Lonza's substantial skills and experience in the development, manufacturing, marketing and sale of antimicrobial chemicals for use as disinfectants and sanitizers in household, institutional and industrial hygiene, antimicrobials for personal care, household and other aqueous based non-food products, biocides for wood and wood composites, and active bactericides for personal hygiene with Intelligent Biocide's proprietary silver based antimicrobial technology.

Ruth Trager, Marketing Manager for Lonza and Dr. Sam Sawan, President of Intelligent Biocides are excited about the opportunity to work together to identify and develop new and potential markets for products making use of the Surfacine Technology. The licensing of this new technology fits well with Lonza's plans to be the global leader in the life sciences field.

Formulations and samples are in the process of being developed and will be available at a later date. Lonza will make a separate announcement when available.

Lonza Group is a Life Sciences driven chemical company headquartered in Switzerland, with sales of CHF 2.5 billion in 2001 and operating 21 production and R&D facilities in 9 countries. It employs 6200 people worldwide and is the leading supplier of active chemical ingredients, intermediates and biotechnology solutions to the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries. It also offers a broad catalogue of organic intermediates for a wide range of applications such as pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, vitamins, food and feedstuff, dyes and pigments, adhesives and fragrances. Furthermore the Group manufactures specialty biocides and oleochemicals and develops and produces specific polymer intermediates, unsaturated polyester-resins, compounds and composites. For more information on Lonza Group please visit the company’s website at www.lonzagroup.com.

The Surfacine technology was originally developed for medical device applications and provides a breakthrough long lasting antimicrobial benefit to articles that have been treated with it. Surfacine Development Company plans to continue development of Surfacine for water treatment, medical and pharmaceutical applications. More information an Surfacine can be obtained from its web site at www.surfacine.com.

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